We tailor a platform to fit your company needs

With our powerful AI engine we offer your company a Food Tech platform that will help you understand your customers. Through predictive intelligence we can accurately tell you what your customers want and need - and when they want it. Read some of the examples below to get a hint of what we can do together.
Manage your emissions

Building your business eco-friendly is more important than ever. That’s why we make it easy for you to measure and manage your emissions – both on your and the consumers end.

Connect your technology

We can make your technology even smarter. Give the consumer more control and get powerful insights. Learn how people actually use your technology and improve your R&D.

Control your budget

Give your consumers the ability to control their budget. By integrating with our system we can send them information in real-time – with updated price tables – to easily manage costs.

Plan your week easily

Let us help with tailoring weekly menus to fit the individuals needs. Whether you’re on a specific diet, want to eat eco-friendly – or need your meals gluten-free. We can customize menus to fit every need.


Businesses looking for partnerships or collaborations, please contact our CEO Christopher Heybroek at christopher@iqchef.com.

For more general inquiries regarding our business, please use the form below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.