31 juli, 2017

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Picture: Our AI-platform with examples of functions we can connect to it.

IQ Chef let’s you take control over the kitchen. Whether it’s about eating healthier, getting tailored menus, eating eco-friendly or managing your budget. IQ Chef will help you with all of this – and in the long run we also help reduce food waste – since every individual will get what they want.

We have developed a platform built on artificial intelligence where we predictively and through the usage of the platform can tailor a solution that will fit your customers’ needs. By connecting our technology with your purpose you will get a unique solution that gives your customers what they want – while you get back valuable insights.

IQ Chef’s smart engine will get to know your company’s customers and learns what every individual wants – or needs – depending on the customer’s purpose. If the customer wants to find new tasty food – IQ Chef focuses on that. If she/he wants to eat eco-friendly and count calories – IQ Chef will take that into consideration aswell.

That’s why the opportunities are so great with our engine, it can adapt and fit all your needs.

If you want a short intro to the technology, please contact us for a more detailed description and demo of the platform.